Successful integration of Nedap MOOV Leisure with Booking Experts ensures automatic check-in of vehicles at holiday parks


Online booking systems are increasingly being used in the recreational sector to fully automate the entire accommodation reservation process. Customer contact is automated and access information is provided to the park so that guests can check in quickly without human intervention. Nevertheless, the barrier to gain access to the site is often still manually checked by a receptionist. The result: queues at the barrier. What would it be like if there was a solution that fully automates both the check-in process and the access process? Nedap Identification Systems, ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. and Booking Experts join forces. Due to the seamless integration of Nedap MOOV Leisure with the online booking system of Booking Experts, managers of holiday parks can automatically realize vehicle access to the holiday park or campsite and check-in for guests. This integration ensures that guests can access the park already offering a hospitable and convenient reception of guest. In addition front office staff can focus on other activities.

Trend towards online booking systems

In recent years, the recreational sector has started to transition from reservation systems that run on a server at their own location on are managed manually to cloud based automated reservation software. This automation process reduces workload and enables owner to allocate staff more efficiently. In addition it offers a higher guest service. The use of online booking systems has increased rapidly as a result. Owners of holiday parks and campsites are increasingly choosing to implement online booking systems to fully automate the entire booking process of an accommodation or camping space. As a result, guests are checked in automatically and the receptionist no longer has to deal with this task, which especially during peak times can result in delays and queues.

However, we see that holiday parks and campsites often work with a barrier to gain access to the site. This is often manually checked by a receptionist, causing queues. What would it be like if there was a solution that automates both the check-in process and the access process? Nedap Identification Systems, ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. and Booking Experts join forces.

All-in-1 reservation system from Booking Experts

Since 2011, Booking Experts' goal has been to automate the entire booking, reservation process at recreational companies and to allow the holiday park owners to easily supervise all activities easily. Booking Experts realizes this by providing an all-in-1 reservation system, which includes reservations, automated customer contact, statistics, access control, billing and other functionality. The automated customer contact feature makes manual sending of reservation confirmations or arrival information a thing of the past. The entire booking process can be fully automated. Visitors can make a reservation and pay online in just a few clicks. Real-time links with tour operators make accommodations and places visible through various tour operators.

Thanks to their App Store, Booking Experts has grown from an all-in-1 reservation system to a booking platform. MOOV also has an app. For example, the registration number of the vehicle can be passed on when booking, so that automatic check-in is possible. About 450 holiday parks in the Netherlands already use the Booking Experts booking system.

“We are very happy with the collaboration with MOOV Leisure from Nedap. They are a partner for us for the future thanks to the possibilities such as automatic check-in, code generation and by doing this all completely online. And with a good installation partner such as ST&D, the hardware does what it's supposed to do. A great example of a successful collaboration triangle.” Maureen Ilboga, CEO, Booking Experts B.V.

Nedap's MOOV Leisure access control software

Nedap's MOOV Leisure solution is fully integrated through an app with Booking Experts. MOOV Leisure is a software module for the controlled access control of vehicles to the holiday park or campsite. With MOOV Leisure holiday park owners can set access profiles and policies in a few simple steps and you can easily manage access rights and profiles at any time and at any location. Guests that have booked through booking experts are automatically inserted in the right access profile in MOOV Leisure, to provide local automatic access to the park during their stay.

Thanks to the seamless integration with the online booking system of Booking Experts, you as an administrator can automatically realize vehicle access to the holiday park or campsite and check-in for guests. This can be done very simply by asking guests for the registration number when booking. The combination of the registration number and the booked stay dates via the Booking Experts reservation system is communicated to MOOV Leisure, where access rights are managed.

The entry and exit times of the vehicles are communicated back to Booking Experts by MOOV Leisure, which provides insight into when vehicles drive in and out and when they check-in and check-out. This allows contactless and automatic access and check-in for guests. Moreover check in and out information of guests to the park allows owners to automatically switch on power when guests arrive of turn off power when they check out, which is a key feature in current times where energy needs to managed effectively in order to reduce costs.

“The seamless integration between Booking Experts and Nedap ensures automatic access to the recreation area. The result: controlled access and rapid vehicle flow. The vehicle is automatically checked in by means of license plate recognition with Nedap's ANPR Lumo license plate camera. This eliminates queues at the barrier during busy changeover days and allows staff to be deployed efficiently for guest experience. This gives the holiday park owners the best of both systems without having to worry about the exchange of information between the systems.” Evelien O’Sullivan, Proposition Manager MOOV, Nedap Identification Systems

ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. enables access technology

ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. has realized the entire barrier and MOOV installation at holiday parks and campsites in the Netherlands. ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. has been an expert in the field of access technology for more than 25 years. The company has built up vast experience in the field of movable, physical barriers.

“The collaboration between Booking Experts, Nedap and ST&D goes back a while. We have now built up a great deal of expertise together; partly due to the input from practice that we received from our customers and which has been processed by all parties. As a result, MOOV Leisure has become a very practical and user-friendly solution for us that we would like to bring to the attention of recreational entrepreneurs in the Benelux in combination with our barrier installations!” Ben Siebes, Commercial Director, ST&D Apeldoorn B.V.

Automatic check-in and welcoming reception

This total solution offers hospitality and convenience for the employees of the holiday park as well as for guests. The role of the front office can be arranged more effectively and be fully focused on guest questions, because the barrier no longer has to be operated manually and there is no longer a manual check-in. This saves a lot of time for the employee(s). For guests, this solution ensures that they no longer have to queue at the reception, but can check in automatically. Because access to the barrier is also automated, guests do not have to wait for it, but they automatically gain access. This provides convenience and contributes to a welcoming start to the stay.

These partners have already provided many recreational environments in the Netherlands with controlled vehicle access and an automatic check-in process. Examples are: Holiday Park de Klepperstee, Drive-In Camper Park Ouddorp, Holiday Park De Boshoek and Camping It Soal.