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MOOV Leisure

Being the manager of a campsite or holiday park, you will undoubtedly strive for a pleasant stay for your guests. Heavy vehicle traffic, unsafe situations and unwanted visitors on your site do not contribute to this. Therefore, many recreational site managers are looking for a solution that allows them to control the vehicle entry and exit process.

Installing a fence or barrier is an effective solution for controlling vehicle access. At the same, we can imagine that as a site manager you have more to do than constantly checking the speedgate. Moreover, it is important the site remains easily accessible for emergency services, and you naturally do not want to have guests wait unnecessarily in front of a closed gate.

What if there is a solution that automatises this entire process?

MOOV Leisure

Seamless integration with your booking system

Most holiday parks already have a reservation platform in place. And in many of those applications information on vehicles, such as the license plate, can already be captured. Obviously, you do not like having to enter the same information twice. That is why we have developed an API for integrating with the most used booking systems in the recreational sector, so you will save precious time.

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