Controlled vehicle access and a warm welcome for campsites and holiday parks with Nedap MOOV Leisure


Unwanted visitors and long queues of vehicles at the check-in to holiday park or campsite: it is the challenge of every manager not to be busy with this all day. You want guests to feel safe and to spend your time on making their stay as pleasant as possible. You don't want to spend all your precious time checking whether guests have access to the premises and operating the barrier. Nedap offers MOOV Leisure: a complete access control solution that allows you to easily and automatically control vehicle access to your holiday park (resort) or campsite. MOOV Leisure enables easy management of access rights and avoids long queues at the barrier. It offers a fully automated vehicle access process, so as an owner of the holiday park you can spent your precious time on your guests and other important matters that contribute to the guest experience on your park.

Need for smooth flow and controlled vehicle access

For recreational environments, such as and holiday parks and campsites, everything revolves around a pleasant stay for your guests. As a owner or employee, you want to provide your guests with a warm welcome, quick check-in and check-out process and you want your guests to feel safe and are able to contact you if they have questions or problems during their stay.

To ensure guest safety and to prevent lots of  traffic from vehicles on the premises, many recreational businesses position a barrier at the entrance and exit to control who enters the premises. As a park owner, or a reception desk employee, you don't want to be busy operating the barrier all day. The current staff shortages mean that more and more tasks are added, which might result in time delays, and as a consequence this could result in long queues at the barrier. This could occur especially during peak times when many guests check in and out.

What if there is a solution that automates the entire process at the barrier, so that your guests don't have to wait and that you can spend your time effectively? Nedap launches MOOV Leisure: a simple solution for automatic and controlled vehicle access.

“The trend towards automatic contactless check-in of vehicles at holiday parks, campsites and motorhome parks will continue due to current staff shortages. MOOV Leisure can reduce the workload on holiday park owners by automating the vehicle access, so they can fully focus on the customer experience.” Evelien O’Sullivan, Proposition Manager MOOV at Nedap

Nedap’s MOOV Leisure software

Nedap's MOOV Leisure is a software module for vehicle access control in recreational environments. MOOV Leisure enables you to determine the access policy for your premises in a few simple steps and you can easily manage access rights and profiles. MOOV has several benefits:

- Easily create or change access rights.

- MOOV is a web application, so you have remote insight any time and from any location  This means you do not have to be present at the barrier.

- MOOV is seamlessly integrated with online booking systems, automatically realizing vehicle access from online bookings.

- Contactless access of vehicles based on license plate or PIN.

- MOOV works with almost any type of barrier or gate, both new and existing.

- All events are logged, and therefor accessible any time.

Do you want to discover what MOOV Leisure can do for you ? Then watch the video below.

“MOOV has proven itself to our customers over the years as a solid access control solution for vehicles. MOOV Leisure is developed based on practical experiences of customers and therefor offers a tailored vehicle access solution for entrepreneurs from the recreation sector. This results in a software module that actually relieves the recreational entrepreneur and their employees in the area of vehicle control. Many of our existing customers and new recreation entrepreneurs are now experiencing the benefits of MOOV Leisure day to day. When MOOV Leisure is applied park owners and personnel are not constantly working on operating the barrier, but can spent time and attention again on the guests.” Ben Siebes, Director at ST&D Apeldoorn B.V.

Getting started with MOOV Leisure

As a owner or desk employee of a holiday park or campsite, do you want to spend your time efficiently and ensure a hospitable and safe reception of guests? Get started! We are happy to discuss the possibilities of MOOV Leisure with you. Please contact Evelien O'Sullivan, MOOV Proposition Manager at Nedap.

MOOV Basic to MOOV Leisure

Are you already using MOOV Basic? Then we would be happy to discuss with you how we can add the features of MOOV Leisure to this. You can also contact Evelien O'Sullivan for this.