For more than 15 years successful collaboration between Nedap and ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. for controlled vehicle access in recreational environments


How do you ensure controlled vehicle access and a smooth flow of vehicles at your campsite or holiday park without taking a lot of time? ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. and Nedap Identification Systems offer an access control solution that allows recreation parks to automatically control vehicle access at your campsite or holiday park. Both partners have been working together successfully for over 15 years, which resulted in more than 90 recreation parks in the Netherlands using the MOOV Leisure solution to control access to their park.

Need for automatic access and check-in process

As a manager or employee of a holiday park or campsite, you want to ensure a hospitable reception, a quick check-in and check-out process and you want guests to have a pleasant stay. To guarantee safety and to avoid heavy vehicle traffic, many recreational companies install barriers at the entrance and exit, so that they can check which vehicles are entering the site. But as a manager or desk employee you don't want to be busy all day with the operation of this. The current staff shortages mean that more and more tasks are added and that there is a risk that things take longer, resulting in long queues at the barrier. What if there is a solution that fully automates this process?

Nedap and ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. have been offering a total solution for the leisure market for more than 15 years: MOOV Leisure. A simple solution for automatic and controlled vehicle access. Unwanted visitors and queues at the campsite or holiday park therefor belongs to the past.

More than 25 years of experience in the field of access technology

ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. is known as an expert in providing total solutions for controlled access and offers high-quality products. ST&D is already active in the market for more than 25 years and has built up a strong expertise in the field of automatic bollards (dynamic barriers). Automatic barriers in combination with license plate recognition, access control and other electronics applications; the company has been one of the few Dutch producers in this market for more than 25 years.

“For more than a quarter of a century, we have been creating, building and servicing vehicle access control solutions. Nedap's sustainable products certainly contribute to the reliability of our access control. Products alone is not sufficient; it stands or falls with collaboration and sharing knowledge. The short lines of communication and the willingness of Nedap experts to think along with our engineers and with our customers not only results in the already long-standing collaboration, but MOOV Leisure also provides a wonderful product for recreational environments!” Ben Siebes, Commercial Director, ST&D Apeldoorn B.V.

Access control solution MOOV Leisure

Nedap's MOOV Leisure solution is a software module specifically developed for managing vehicle access in recreational environments. With this you can determine the access policy in a few simple steps and you can easily manage access rights and profiles. With this solution you ensure that authorized vehicles have automatic access to the campsite or holiday park. This prevents queues at the barrier and relieves the receptionist who manages the barrier.

Because the management of access rights is completely possible in the cloud, you are no longer dependent on time or place. You can open the barrier whenever and wherever it suits you. MOOV integrates seamlessly with online booking systems, which automatically realizes vehicle access from online bookings.

“MOOV Leisure was set up through collaboration between ST&D, Nedap and recreation entrepreneurs themselves in order to really meet the wishes of the recreation market. The combination of MOOV Leisure software and the barriers, installation and management of ST&D offers holiday park owners a total solution for automatic vehicle access and management. As a result, we relieve the staff and they have time for other tasks. It is wonderful that we have been working intensively with ST&D for more than 15 years and therefore have gained so much knowledge and expertise to realize and maintain the best solution for recreation entrepreneurs.” Evelien O’Sullivan, Proposition Manager MOOV, Nedap Identification Systems

Successful projects

The years of cooperation between ST&D and Nedap has resulted in extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of access control especially at campsites and holiday parks. As a result beautiful projects that have been carried out in the Netherlands in the recreation sector. Together, for example, they have deployed MOOV Leisure at De Klepperstee Holiday Park and Drive-In Camper Park in Ouddorp, Holiday Park De Kuilart in Koudum and Camping It Soal in Workum. ST&D and Nedap are looking forward to helping other Dutch campsites, holiday parks and motorhome parks to realize safe automatic access for vehicles and a hospitable reception for guests.

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