MOOV Leisure provides automated unmanned access for campers to Drive-In Camperpark


Queues with campers in front of the barrier to get a space at the camper park. This situation was common at the luxurious and popular Drive-In Camperpark in Ouddorp, the Netherlands. You could only reserve a spot at the motorhome park on arrival via the kiosk, after which you got access to the park with a receipt. The entire access process and check-in process could be set up much more efficiently to meet the flexibility demands of modern motorhome guests. The Drive-In Camperpark was therefore looking for a solution to automate the access control and check-in process for motorhomes and thus avoid queues.

Drive-in Camperpark

Just behind the dunes of Ouddorp in the Netherlands is the Drive-In Camperpark part of holiday park De Klepperstee. The park offers 51 motorhome pitches with paved driveway. With its own sanitary facilities, playground, WiFi, recycling center and camper service station, this park is the ideal base on the border of South Holland and Zeeland. The camper park offers all the facilities needed for a camper, such as use of water, electricity, wifi and sanitary facilities and the camper service station.

Manual reservation and access to the motorhome park

Throughout the whole year, the Drive-In Camperpark has guests who stay at the Camperpark for a certain period. It was possible to reserve a spot via the kiosk at the beginning of the park. You could only make a booking for the same day and you had to pay immediately by pin or credit card. If you wanted to stay longer, it was possible to extend your existing booking via the kiosk. If the booking was successful, guests received a printed ticket with a barcode with which they could open the barrier and gain access to the motorhome park.

Due to the success of the Drive-In Camperpark, increase in camper vans and the limited number of places for campers, it often happened that the camper park was fully booked. As a result, there were long queues of campers in front of the barrier waiting for another camper to leave, so that a space became available. This was not part of a hospitable reception. The Drive-In Camperpark was therefore looking for an efficient solution to avoid queues by automating the entire access control process for motorhomes.

Automatic access for motorhomes with MOOV Leisure

The Drive-in Camperpark selected Nedap's MOOV Leisure solution for automatic access to the camper park. MOOV Leisure automates the entire barrier and offers remote management of the barrier installations on the site. This is perfect as the Drive-in Camperpark is located out of sight of the main reception of holiday park De Klepperstee, of which it is part. Via the MOOV Leisure web application, access can be granted from any location and insight can be obtained into which vehicles are on the site. This information is available at a glance, which saves a lot of time.

The seamless integration with the online booking system from Booking Experts ensures that the check-in procedure is fully automated. This allows guests with a motorhome to reserve a place online and access is automatically granted in the relevant period of stay based on a pin code that they receive by e-mail. In this way, guests no longer have to go to the kiosk on arrival at the motorhome park, but can go directly to their reserved spot and enjoy a pleasant stay.

Nedap's partner ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. realized the MOOV Leisure system and the entire barrier installation. ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. has been an expert in providing total solutions for controlled access for 25 years and offers high-quality products.

How does the access control process work?

For guests with a motorhome, the access control and check-in process is very easy:

“The kiosk is a thing of the past thanks to MOOV Leisure! Via the MOOV platform, we can see at a glance which motorhomes have access to the motorhome park and we can adjust access rights anytime and anywhere – even from the couch. Thanks to MOOV's smooth integration with our booking system, motorhome owners can digitally reserve a spot in the motorhome park in just a few clicks. Guests are automatically checked in and access the motorhome park with a pin code they receive. A great solution that ensures safety, speed and convenience for both the guest and us!” Tessa Lokker, Backoffice at Holiday park De Klepperstee and Drive-In Camperpark

Nice and flexible stay for guests

The automatic entry and check-in process gives guests the flexibility and freedom to arrive on their preferred day and time. No long queues and no more manual actions, which contributes to a hospitable reception and pleasant stay for guests. Thanks to this solution, the Drive-In Camperpark staff can always and everywhere have insight into the motorhomes that have access without having to be present on site.

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